She cried for him

She anxiously waits for the familiar beep from her phone, letting her know a text had come in, and her heart skipping a beat as she sees his name on the screen.

He asks, “how are you feeling baby?”.

She can’t remember how the pet names began, only that he started it. But no one was complaining and it felt… right.

They talk about everything and anything. He tells her he loves her, and how happy he is that he found her, even though he’s never met her.

But love has no boundaries, and it can exist over the world wide web, can’t it? Shouldn’t anything be possible in this era?

So, she lets herself fall; fall for a man she’s only ever seen in photos and videos. For a man who has promised to do whatever it takes to be with her, that no ocean could keep them apart. For a man who has promised her the world.

But there are days when her phone is annoyingly silent. Days of her sitting, staring at it, willing for it to go off and have his name appear on her screen. Days of her wondering if she’s being silly and if this is all real.

Days like today. Days of her crying for him.

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