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A collection of stories and excerpts about my travels and shenanigans, just for the heck of it. You can also follow me on Medium for my published stories.

Recovering from emotional abuse

How I found myself again… I’d like to think that my relationship track record wasn’t too bad, but I can’t claim that it was ever good. I’ve had three long-term relationships throughout 15 years or so, where I was cheated on, emotionally blackmailed, and just generally made to feel horrible about myself. The last relationship… Continue reading Recovering from emotional abuse

10 things to know when planning your first real event

Event management has always been a very exciting industry for me. I’m taken in by how many intricate details can come together to create one memorable experience, and how it always leaves an incredible sense of fulfillment once it’s over. I’m not going to glamourize event planning or management to be a stress free occasion… Continue reading 10 things to know when planning your first real event

She cried for him

She anxiously waits for the familiar beep from her phone, letting her know a text had come in, and her heart skipping a beat as she sees his name on the screen. He asks, “how are you feeling baby?”. She can’t remember how the pet names began, only that he started it. But no one… Continue reading She cried for him

She hated roses

The bruise is fresh. She could still feel the burn on her skin and the lingering pain from where his fist connected with her cheek. Her eyelid still swollen, keeping her from seeing clearly. It aches, but her heart ached more. “This will be the last time. I won’t let it happen again”, she tells… Continue reading She hated roses

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